Tickets for ONBlackheath are no longer available to purchase via our website. Tickets are available on Box Office with the below pricing:

Adult Weekend - £85.00

Teen Weekend (13- 15 years) - £40.00

Child Weekend (5 - 12 years) - £17.50

Adult Day Saturday - £70.00

Teen Day Saturday (13-15 years) - £25.00

Child Day Saturday (5 - 12 years) - £15.00

Adult Day Sunday - £50.00

Teen Day Sunday (13-15 years) - £25.00

Child Day Sunday (5 - 12 years) - £15.00




Beware of unauthorised ticket agents and individual re-sellers (including tickets offered on eBay, Gumtree and Craigslist, Instagram and Facebook and re-sale sites such as Viagogo and Stubhub), buying from them can be a lot of trouble. It’s possible you’ll pay over the odds for a ticket that may have never existed or might never materialise.
If you have been the victim of a ticket scam please report the website to Action Fraud.

We have compiled a guide to avoiding touts and unauthorised websites and agents. We recommend you DO NOT BUY from these sites. We the promoter (ONBlackheath Ltd) have not supplied any of these sites with any festival tickets and cannot guarantee the authenticity of any tickets they may be offering for sale.  For more information see our Anti Tout Guide.

If you would like confirmation that a website is authorised or not, you can call our information line on 020 7009 3001.

We monitor the internet and do what we can to prevent fraudulent activity but the best way to prevent fraud is to not risk buying from unauthorised sources.