We take the security and safety of our festival-goers very seriously – it is a real priority.

Please help us by bringing as little as possible and remember we do not allow bags larger than A4 into the arena. Please be patient while we carry out our security checks and searches, which take place at point of entry to the event.

Our security staff are there for your safety – please co-operate with them as they work to keep us all safe and sound. Some are covert, but most are obvious by their numbered tabard. Always go to them if you need help. The medical tent is fully staffed and open in line with the arena.

There are security measures you will see and of course ones that you can’t. The whole site is monitored throughout by staff on the ground and managed by a team of monitors in a fully staffed Event Control.

We work very closely with The Met Police and members of the security services to ensure our security procedures are up to date and we are following best practice. We put a lot of time and effort on briefing and training and run emergency exercises. Please help us by reporting anything that doesn’t look right to you and also please let us know if you spot an area where we can do better and we will get on it.


We don’t accept any discrimination towards any individual or groups of individuals at any of our festivals.

Irrespective of the background of the individual, be that gender, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity. We are proud of the diverse nature of our festivals and their customers, if you see or experience anyone undermining this – no matter the severity – please report it immediately to one of our onsite staff.

Care and safety on site

• Decide on a meeting point with your friends. Choose a time and place to meet up later in case you get separated from each other

• Learn the layout of the site so you can easily find toilets and stewards

• Keep your phone charged in case you’re separated from your friends

• Stay hydrated. There are tested drinking water points throughout the arena which are free to use

• Familiarise yourself with what you can and can't bring in our FAQ section

• Keep your wits about you. Drink responsibly and know your limit

• Large bags are not allowed to be taken into the festival. There is no cloakroom. Small bags are allowed into the festival with the dimensions W21cm x H30cm x D8cm. We appreciate your cooperation and patience when entering the festival

• Festival stewards are here to help you. Don’t be worried about asking for help in any situation, whether it’s asking for directions or to report something or someone you’re worried about

• The Welfare Tent is open throughout the event and is staffed by experienced and supportive people. They can provide confidential advice and offer support if you need to talk. Please go to the Welfare Tent if you experience any problems or need to talk to someone for any reason

• Strobe lighting – pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting/special effects may take place during some performances


Our First Aid facilities will be open throughout the event and provide experienced, caring and confidential help.
There will also be an information point, able to answer any questions that you might have. Nipperbout will be joining us again this year and their focus will as always be our smallest festival visitors. 


If you have lost a child, please contact a member of staff immediately who will be able to help you or go to the Welfare facilities.


ONBlackheath does not condone the use of drugs. Drugs enforcement laws are as applicable onsite as anywhere else in the UK. It is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs. All drugs are potentially dangerous, there are no harmless drugs. The only way to avoid risks is to not take drugs at all. This goes for new psychoactive substances (formerly known as “legal highs”) as well. But we want our festival goers to know above all else that you can come to us for help if you or your friends need it without fear of getting in trouble at any time. Always be honest with medics and welfare teams about what you have consumed so that they know how best to help you.

Visit our Drugs Policy and Advice page for more information.