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Saturday 8 September 2018

There is nothing more exciting than to discover a new band where everything from the songs to the stage presence seems to appear already fully-formed, arriving fresh on the music scene as the complete package. Koates are that band.

A trio of highly-talented boys who conjure up a sound that instantly hits home as both intimate and epic, the band are gifted with unabashed enthusiasm couples with a staggering talent for writing killer song after killer song.

If Fleetwood Mac had a menage a trois with Mac DeMarco and The Policeā€¦ Koates would perhaps be the love-child.

This perfect trio came about after Koates front-man James, searching for the right band for over two years, finally ran into bassist JoJo in a guitar shop on Denmark street and drummer Joe in a curry house on Brick Lane.

Within weeks Koates were writing the songs that would begin lighting up ever bigger audiences and venues across London.