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OnBlackheath: John Lewis Cookery School

Masterchef finalists ‘Ham & Hen’ will be the expert hosts of the John Lewis Cookery School at our festival this year.

Saira Hamilton and Juanita Hennessey make up the fantastic female cooling double act, representing all the ‘real’ cooks out there. They’ll be using the cookery school to show our ticket holders how to create delicious seasonal food using just home appliances.

The John Lewis Cookery School will be heaven for home cooks, with six stations that feature the latest kitchen innovations for our guests to get their hands on and try. 

Festival-goers can learn to cook like the pros with top-of-the-range equipment from John Lewis including induction cookers, high-tech hobs and even a Sous Vide, the latest sensation in cooking which uses precise temperature control to produce perfectly cooked food.

Saira the ‘Spice’ queen and Juanita the ‘Game’ girl will bring a wealth of experience to the festival including live demonstrations, recipe development, food writing and TV work. With these two on a mission to bring fun back into the domestic kitchen, this part of OnBlackheath will be a must for anyone seeking kitchen inspiration.